Three people fell on a young man who was a punch in a fight case

Jamnagar Dt. 30: A young man from Jamnagar finds it difficult to stay as a punch in a fight case. The youth was cheated by three persons last night while a youth was cheated on in Bedeshwar.

Street No. of Digvijay Plot area of ​​Jamnagar. Jayesh Laxmanbhai Pillai, an out-of-province youth, was stopped by three persons named Imla, Sahudo alias Bathiyo and Javlo alias Mindi, who were staying near Navi Nishal in Shankartakeri area last night.

The above three persons attacked Jayeshbhai with a broken pipe and a fist. In which Jayesh was injured in the beard. The three men fled the attack. Jayesh, who was shifted for treatment, lodged a complaint early this morning.

In which, according to him, Subhashpara's street no. In the 1st, a complaint was lodged against one of the above accused, Imla and Bathiya, for assault. In which Jayeshbhai Pillay was the witness as Punch. The matter was attacked with malice aforethought.

A youth named Mujahid Rafiqbhai Sumaria, who was passing through Bedeshwar area of ​​Jamnagar yesterday afternoon, was attacked and killed by two persons named Hussain Ansari and Sakul Ansari, both residents of Bedeshwar. Ansari, a schoolteacher from Bedeshwar, had earlier got into a scuffle with Rafiqbhai, the father of Mujahid, who lives in Vagherwada near Subhash Shakmarket. He and a woman from the school's family who had a previous love affair were also assaulted, the complaint said. Police have launched a search for both the attackers.