Motorists supplying up the English liquor caught in Khambhaliya : 19 Box of liquor seized

Jamnagar Dt 13: Police have arrested a man with a bottle of English liquor from a motorbike passing through a busy Saturday night. He has given the name of his cousin. Local police personnel in Patrol stopped the Eco motor, a GJ-10-DA-2822, that passed through the railway gate of Khambhaliya on Saturday night. From the search of the motor, two bottles of Indian-made English liquor filled with 228 bottles of alcohol were found. Police said. The amount of alcohol and Rs 1,14,000. A person named Dharmendra Singh Ramsangji Jadeja of Vadatra village of Khambhaliya taluka has been arrested with a motor vehicle of Rs 3,00,000. This person has given the name of his sagar Rajbha. Police have launched a search.