Three caught gambling on a ludo game in Surajkaradi

Jamnagar Dt 29. Police have arrested three persons for gambling on a ludo game on a mobile phone sitting on the porch in Surajkaradi of Okhamandal yesterday.

In Surajkaradi, near Mithapur in Okhamandal, police on patrol came to know that three persons were doing something on a mobile phone while sitting on a porch in public yesterday evening.

Rajesh Palabhai Vegda of Suraj Karadi, Devabhai Merabhai Hathia and Hajabhai Gangabhai Vegda of Suraj Karadi were found gambling on ludo game in their mobiles. Police found his mobile and Rs. An offense under Section 13 of the Gambling Act has been registered against the three after seizing Rs 30 crore in cash.