In the Krishnabhumi Dwarka, the Bhagwat story is held in the rare form of hearing.

Dwarka Dt 13: The pilgrimage to Dwarka, which was run by the Raghuvanshi community in Dwarka, took place at Dardaswamy of Shardamath and the planning of Bhagwatji in the land of Krishna was rare. The pilgrimage is currently underway at Dwarka for the benefit of the fathers of all Raghuvanshi society as well as the renovation of Lohana Mahajan Wadi. Dandiswamy Sadananda Saraswatiji Maharaj of Shardamath, who was the Paramshishi of Sharadachandra Swarupananda Saraswatiji Maharaj of Dwarka, was present. Addressing the audience, he said, "It is rare to organize a Bhagwat Week in Dwarka, which is Krishna's place of worship." In Dwarka, one thousand times the fruit of Bhagwat story and hearing is also found in the audience. Remembrance of Bhagavata makes the ammangal body happy. Human birth is rare. It is rare for a good parent to meet a guru and get born in Krishna's Krishwamy Dwarka, but it is also rare to have a rich Bhagwat week story on this holy land. This is no ordinary event. There is no greater activity than Bhagwatji. All creatures do not want to be hurt. What one longs for should be happy, yet man is not happy. Because then a new inclination arises. He added that when the longing for other happiness comes to an end and there is no work, the person is truly happy and since Bhagwat listening starts to achieve true happiness in the realm of the world of man, he also said that Bhagwat should be remembered frequently from this holy land. In addition, Dandi Swami said that by repeatedly listening to the story in Dwarka, the story of Dwarkadhish in the premises of Dwarka is removing the grief of worldly Bhagwatji story. At present, there are fifteen different places in Dwarka, which is a good thing. The Bhagwat story purifies the listening routine. He also recited the blessings that religious planning, with the intention of social regeneration, will produce good fruit.