Thick TP Scheme No. Bad condition of 1 road: The road was not repaired after laying the line by the company

The main road from Jamnagar to Rajkot on the way to Kalawad (Jada TP Scheme No. 1, Road No. 1) was paved five years ago in a street in front of the Dargah on the main road to Kalawad. The asphalt road was excavated three years ago by the company to lay an underground sewer line as well as a gas line. The road has not been repaired by the company since then. While a new state-of-the-art building is also being constructed by Incometax on this road, the company which had excavated and laid the lines on this road has given notice to the company and the officials will instruct to construct this road again or not ...? Acorns have also grown on this asphalt road. Half the road is gone. Then there are the same piles of garbage. The question is whether there is any collusion with the officials of the company. Elsewhere, wherever a contract is awarded to a company for digging a line for a job, the contract has to be repaired in the same condition as the road. So, after completing the work of digging lines on this road, this road has been put in a dilapidated condition by the contractors. Officials then sent a notice to the contractor, demanding that the road be rebuilt. (Photo: Nirmal Kariya)