Young man burst into fire at unemployed house tensions

Jamnagar Dt 13: A young man from Jamnagar who has been unable to work due to physical disability and cannot afford home expenses, has demanded the death of a young man in a tension while a young woman studying with a working mother has cut throat in the township.

Dineshbhai Ramjibhai Parmar, a 3-year-old Koli youth living in Koli riot in Velnath Nagar-8 in Jamnagar, was severely stabbed when a kerosene-like liquid sprayed on his body on Saturday night at his residence. The young man was taken to GG for treatment. They have died yesterday after being shifted to the hospital. Dr. A.L. The reader has reported to the police.

According to an investigation conducted to find out the reason behind this young man's suicide, Dineshbhai suffered a fracture in his right leg a few months ago, due to persistent pain, Dineshbhai could not work for a year and could not be expended. Due to his increasing tensions, Dineshbhai has taken the suicide step.

Ramban Pravinbhai Makwana, who lives behind the Ashapura Hotel near Raniship in the village of Jogavad on the Jamnagar-Khambhaliya Highway, goes to work in Reliance Township, located in the big house. She also went with her 3-year-old daughter Etisa and her mother used to sit in the house while she was working.

In the meantime yesterday afternoon, Block No, Sector 1, of Ramban Township While working in A / D, daughter Etissa was studying in a room. The woman closed the door of the room and grabbed her by the neck with a scarf in the ceiling. She was taken to Reliance Hospital for treatment, where a doctor on duty declared her dead. Meghapar police have started investigation into PM's death.