Family stranded on causeway near Jamjodhpur authorities: Three killed: One girl still missing

Jamjodh Dt 30: The body of a brother and sister was found in the evening after four persons, including a sister and two nephews, who had come to hit a brother's house in Udaipur, Jamjodhpur, were stranded in a torrential downpour from a nearby causeway yesterday. The body of a girl was found this morning after a search for two girls drowned in the water. While another girl is missing in the water. This has stunned the Bharwad family.

According to further details of the incident, a young shepherd named Awalabhai Bhojabhai Sindhav (U.V. 3) living in Udepur village of Jamjodhpur taluka was given to his sister Manjuben Ramabhai Solanki living in Ranavav village of Porbandar district by his three children, Anandi (U.V. 10) U.V. 4.8), came with Ashish (U.V. 8) to shoot bricks. Where the children had fun at Mama's house while Manjuben and Avalbhai stayed with their siblings for a few days.

After that, yesterday, sister Manjuben left the house with her brother-in-law Ashish, nephew Jinal, Anandi and sister Manjuben at half past one in the afternoon, asking her brother-in-law to leave her brother-in-law. When the five persons reached the causeway between Udaipur and Satapar, very little rain water was flowing from the causeway. So Avalbhai took his eight-year-old nephew Ashish across the causeway. After putting his nephew on the opposite bank, Avalabhai was again on the other bank, passing the causeway with Manjuben and Anandi and Jinal.

It has been raining incessantly in the hilly panth of Satapar-Udaipur for the last three-four days due to which the area has become green and rain water has started flowing from the hills in the form of springs. Yesterday afternoon, when Awalabhai, Manjuben and the two innocent girls reached right between the causeway, the water flowing like a spring from the hill suddenly started flowing and the four persons became tense.

At the time of the above incident, there was a commotion among the people present on both sides. Local swimmers were immediately called and staff, including Mamlatdar, rushed to the spot. The bodies of Avalabhai and Manjuben were found in the water within a few hours after the swimmers jumped into the rushing water and started searching for the four persons while Anandi and Jinal were not found.

The body of Anandi (U.V. 10) was found in a stream of water this morning after it was proposed to search for both the girls till late at night. At the time of writing, a two and a half year old girl Jinal has not been found. She is being assigned to find out.

Manjuben's husband Ramabhai Dhanabhai Solanki informed the police about the incident and Jamjodhpur police has taken further action. The shepherd family at Mama's house is deeply saddened by the loss of life.