Khambaliya: NSUI application filed against ABVP bullying

Khambhaliya Dt 15: NSUI activists have staged a peaceful protest in Ahmedabad over the incident of abduction by students of ABVP at JNU in Delhi. At that time, the BJP and the ABVP thugs made a fatal attack in the presence of the police. In protest against the incident, NSUI, Devbhumi submitted a petition to the District Congress Committee and Youth Congress to take action to send the application to the District Collector.

Congress leaders Mulubhai Kondoria, Yasinbhai Gajan, Meerbhai Chawda, Danabhai Madam, Dewarshibhai Joshi, Sohanbhai Bhandiya, Mukeshbhai Karamur, Yashbhai Palan were joined in the program.